Highlights from the Idaho Writers and Readers Rendezvous

Highlights from the Idaho Writers and Readers Rendezvous

Every spring, the Idaho Writers Guild hosts the Idaho Writers and Readers Rendezvous. I love this conference. It’s small and intimate–meaning you get to chat with pretty much anyone you want, including the presenters–is well organized, and has plenty to offer writers in the region. This is my second year attending the Rendezvous, this time as a presenter. I sat on an editor’s panel with

Social Media: Fun or Futile? How I Decided to Get Real or Get Out

Social Media Fun or Futile

We authors are under a massive amount of pressure to build “author platforms.” It’s all about social media, they say. Blogging. Tweeting. Facebooking. Pinteresting. YouTube! Google Plus! Goodreads! Shelfari! Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my! On top of all this, naturally, we need to allow time to write the next book, take care of our families, and have some modicum of a personal life.

How Offering My Book in Print Yielded 4 Surprising Results

How Offering My Book in Print Yielded 4 Surprising Results

When I first published my fantasy novel, Gift of the Phoenix, I almost didn’t offer it in paperback. I knew as an Indie author I wouldn’t have national distribution in book stores. I figured most of my sales would be digital. After all, we’re in the middle of the e-book publishing revolution, are we not? But I wanted copies for myself, my kids, my parents.

Why Networking is Not the Dirty Word I Thought It Was

Why Networking Is Not the Dirty Word I Thought It Was

For years I’d heard the advice to join professional organizations for their networking opportunities. I envisioned a bunch of well-dressed folks whipping out their business cards with a suave smile. I imagined a flow of conversation that persuaded everyone listening, Do business with ME. It seemed exactly the sort of slick, conniving environment in which I would be doomed to fail. I’m not so good

Still Writing That Novel? Seven Marketing Tasks to Begin NOW

7 Marketing Tasks to Begin Right Now

The biggest challenge, after writing a great book, is letting people know it’s out there. As we all know, the market is flooded with an unprecedented number of books and many a worthy tale is drowning in obscurity. It’s not enough just to release a book. You will need an author platform. If you’re like me, marketing is not your natural forte. I wrote Gift

What To Do If You Get a Bad Review

What to do if you get a bad review 2

Before I published Gift of the Phoenix I knew it was inevitable that I’d get bad reviews, because any book that’s read by more than just friends and family will get at least a couple of bad reviews. No book is universally loved. There are even times when I’ll turn a prospective reader away from my own book. Before publishing my novel, my only hope

What’s the Difference Between Novellas, Novelettes, and Short Stories?

The Difference Between Novellas and Short Stories

When I was getting ready to release my novella Nashua’s Choice, I pondered how to let readers know what kind of story to expect. I mean, aside from magical, enchanting, and awesome. 😉 Seriously, I’m specifically talking about length. Originally, Nashua’s Choice was going to be a short story. But, as will not surprise readers of Gift of the Phoenix, I don’t think short. I

When I Tell People NOT to Read My Book

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This doesn’t happen often, but I will occasionally steer someone away from my book, at least temporarily. Here are the reasons why: 1. The reader is too young While I originally intended Gift of the Phoenix for adults, at least half of my readers are teens or preteens. I know some stores and libraries shelve it in the young adult section and it does well