donna cook editor typewriterThe publishing world is full of options and debates. Do I traditionally publish or go Indie? Do I need a blog or not? There’s no one single resource I suggest. I encourage you to do your homework and decide what’s best for you. Start reading, take your time, and be thorough. My personal philosophy: if you’re going to do it, do it right.

That said, here are some links to get you started:

The Creative Penn
A wealth of information for any author entrepreneur. It’s well worth getting familiar with this site.

Writer Beware
If you’re looking for a publisher of any variety (including partner publishers), or an agent, you absolutely must be wise to scams. There are disreputable companies eager to take money from unsuspecting (new) authors. Don’t be a victim; get educated.

Jane Friedman
A well-respected editor with one of the top-ranking sites for authors. She has her ear to the ground in the ever-changing book industry, and does not seem too polarized over the traditional vs. self-publishing debate.

Lindsay Buroker
It took this mid-list Indie author just over 3 years to make a living from her novels. Regardless of how quickly you write, most Indie authors need 5-10 titles out there before gaining traction with sales. Lindsay’s blog does an excellent job explaining why. For this reason, even though she does advocate a quick publication schedule, her clear explanations of the “why” behind various marketing strategies makes her blog helpful even for slower writers.

Writer Unboxed
The blog on this site is fed daily with posts by monthly contributors (including Donald Maass) and quality guest posters. Here you’ll find excellent articles about the craft of writing, the business of writing, and the quirks of a writer’s life.

Key Links for Existing and Potential Clients

Must know:

How to properly format your manuscript.

Great to know:

Seven Marketing Tasks to Begin NOW
If you plan to release a novel in the next year (or already have one out but still feel like a novice when it comes to marketing), check out this post covering the bare bones.

Time Management for Writers and Editors
If you have trouble balancing your life and making enough time to write, this post offers guiding principles and specific tips to help you stay in control.

5 Plotting Mistakes Aspiring Writers Make and How to Avoid Them
For my fiction peeps. No matter how skilled the writer, it’s rare for a client not to make at least one of these major mistakes. Great reminders for novice and experienced authors alike.

The Blog
For more tips on writing, marketing, and being an author entrepreneur, check out my blog. Thanks! :)

Suggested Books

The first two books are a MUST, in my opinion. I  recommend them to authors all the time. If you don’t already have a copy of each, it’s well worth it to pick them up.



Bonus Resources

Your Writer Platform
Covers every aspect of platform building, including email lists, and addresses the unique needs of fiction writers.

Grammar Girl
Can’t remember the difference between lay and lie? Not sure if you’re dangling those participles? Grammar Girl is your girl.

Writing and Wellness
Living the life of a writer can be challenging sometimes. This site has fantastic resources that help writers be healthy, emotionally and physically.

Predators and Editors
A database of editors, publishers, vanity presses, and agents; who to covet and who to avoid.

Agent Query’s How to Submit to a Literary Agent
Don’t make those rookie mistakes that are sure to get you rejected. This is a good resource to get you started.


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