With Donna Cook as my editor, I blossomed as a writer. We brainstormed plot and character development over coffee and emails. She’s able to spot weak dialogue and make suggestions that preserve the integrity of the story. She’s a whiz at copy and line editing. Her overall editing style is refreshing because she knows what the manuscript needs to improve, to grow, and to become the authentic story you want to tell. And when necessary, she’s a great cheerleader too. I’d also like to say she can leap tall buildings in a single bound, just so you’ll know how super she really is! I love, love, love working with Donna Cook.
– Venessa Schwarz, author of Humphrey’s Secret Kingdom. (Represented by Dawn Frederick of the Red Sofa Literary agency)

“I hired Donna Cook to proofread my book.  Her talents were so strong that she quickly migrated to repair some editing issues.  I would recommend her for any aspect of your literary project.” – Kurt Koontz, bestselling author of A Million Steps.

“A good editor is also a skilled writer. I read Donna’s book, Gift of the Phoenix, before I hired her. I was very impressed with her writing ability, which gave me the confidence to know she would be a competent editor as well. I hired Donna to edit several writing projects I was working on. Not only is she an experienced editor, she is also a good teacher. Every time she edits something of mine I learn something new to help improve my writing skills. Donna is professional and reliable and completes her work within the time frame that she promises. I highly recommend her services.” – Rae Ann Norell, author of Broke, Hungry and Happy.

I’ve worked with a lot of editors over the years, and I can honestly say that Donna Cook taught me more in an hour than many of them ever did. With just the right mix of toughness and encouragement, she not only got me excited about the potential in my novel but also gave me a roadmap for making it better. Donna’s specific, insightful feedback was exactly what I needed to move forward after finishing my first draft. She’ll tell you what you need to hear, but in a way that’s motivating instead of defeating. I’d work with her again in a heartbeat.
– Erika D. Peterman

“Donna impressed me with her professionalism and highly relevant feedback on my writing. She has reviewed two writing projects for me and I am very pleased with the ideas she had that would improve my writing. She gave feedback that was easy to understand and accept because of her effective communication and her extremely personable and engaging manner. I highly recommend Donna as a valuable editor that will assist you in being the writer you want to be.” – Andrew Baron, MD

“I have had the opportunity to work with Donna, beginning with the top-level evaluation of my novel.  She has mentored me to a new level of writing and I can’t thank her enough.  An author herself, she understands the need to bring readers in, hold them, and keep them captivated.  She has a talent for helping writers achieve that.  Donna’s education is in editing, but her talent seems to be deeper than that.  She has a special knack for finding the heart of the novel and helping the writer bring that to the surface.” – Bruce Daybell

I have been working with Donna on what I thought was a good story. I was only partially correct and Donna made me realize that. She has helped me make incredible improvements in it that I would not have done otherwise. She has the gift of being able to guide an author into needed directions without making you feel bad about having to do so. She left me copious comments that pointed me in other directions without doing it for me. I can’t tell you how happy I am that our paths have crossed. – Chris Ravage, MD, FACC