The Editor is Out… The Writer is In

The Editor is Out 2UPDATE: The Lost Branch is finished! See the amazing cover and read more about the story over on my author site. Right HERE, baby. Thanks for your patience as I finished the book. The editor is back in. :)

In case you’re wondering where I’ve gone, I’m back just long enough to tell you.

I’m deep in the final edits of my next book, The Lost Branch. I was very fortunate to be able to take almost all of the summer off work (i.e. from client work), which is good because otherwise I’d never (and I mean, never) meet my deadline.

Speaking of that, my deadline is approaching fast. I have final revisions done for 26 chapters and 17 to go. Those 26 chapters are looking good. My editor is happy. I’m happy. After I cross the finish line, the manuscript will go out to beta readers to see if they’re happy.

Meanwhile, there’s still the remaining 17 chapters.

That means the following things are being neglected:

Grocery shopping
… and about a million other things.

But there’s still time for chocolate. There’s ALWAYS time for chocolate.

Most importantly, the writing is going well. When the writing is going well, my world sings baby.

Happy summer!

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